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What you need to know when planning this once in a life time 6-7 day hike over Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

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The Overland Track is a well-maintained 49.7 mi / 80 km track through Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park connecting Ronny Creek (map) to Lake St Clair

From October 1 to May 31 (inclusive) you are required to make a booking to hike the track. During this time, you are also required to walk this track southbound, you must begin at Ronny Creek).

The daily quota for hikers beginning during the booking season (which includes the Tasmanian summer in case you haven't registered that Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere) is 60 trekkers per day (34 of which are for individual trekkers).

Overland Track Basics

  • Location: Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

  • Length: 49.7 mi / 80 km

  • Type: One-way hiking track southbound

  • Booking Required: October 1 to May 31, inclusive

  • Permit Cost: A$12-$60

  • Northern Terminus: Ronny Creek

  • Southern Terminus: Lake St Clair

  • Elevation Gain: +4,793 ft / 1,461 m

  • Elevation Loss: -5,160 ft / 1,573 m

  • Highest point: Plateau between Marions Lookout and Kitchen Hut, 4,100 ft / 1,250 m

  • Lowest point: Forth River crossing, 2,360 ft / 720 m

  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Overland Track Itinerary

The suggested Overland Track itinerary takes six or seven days. Why six or seven? Because the last leg of the track (day seven), from Narcissus to Cynthia Bay (via Lakeside Track), is skipped by most trekkers. Instead of hiking the final 10.9 mi / 17.5 km, you can pay to take a ferry across Lake St Clair and to the end of the track.

Here's what's suggested:

  • Day 1: Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley 6.65 mi / 10.7 km

  • Day 2: Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere 4.85 mi / 7.8 km

  • Day 3: Lake Windermere to Pelion 10.44 mi / 16.8 km

  • Day 4: Pelion to Kia Ora 5.34 / 8.6 km

  • Day 5: Kia Ora to Windy Ridge (Bert Nichols Hut) 5.97 mi / 9.6 km

  • Day 6: Windy Ridge to Narcissus 5.59 mi / 9 km

  • Day 7: Narcissus to Cynthia Bay (via Lakeside Track) 10.88 mi / 17.5 km

Overland Track Side Trips

There are a number of side trips you can do from the Overland Track. See below listed from north to south and put the ones you should seriously consider doing in bold.

  • Cradle Mountain, 1.25 mi / 2km round trip, it's what the park is named for

  • Barn Bluff, 4.35 mi / 7 km round trip, fourth-tallest mountain in Tasmania (5,114 ft / 1,559 m)

  • Lake Will, 1.86 mi / 3 km round trip

  • Old Pelion Hut, 0.62 mi / 1 km round trip

  • Mt Ossa, 3.23 mi / 5.2 km round trip, Tasmania's tallest mountain (5,305 ft / 1,617 m)

  • Mt Pelion East, 1.49 mi / 2.4 km round trip

  • D’Alton and Fergusson Falls, 0.62 mi / 1 km round trip

  • Hartnett Falls 0.93 mi / 1.5 km round trip, make sure you go down to the bottom

  • Pine Valley Hut 2.92 mi /4.7 km one-way

  • The Acropolis, 3.98 mi / 6.4 km round trip from Pine Valley Hut (east)

  • The Labyrinth, 3.73 mi / 6 km round trip from Pine Valley Hut (west)

  • Narcissus Hut to Cynthia Bay, 10.87 mi / 17.5 km one-way, this is the final leg of the Overland Track that you can (and should) hike instead of taking the ferry across Lake St Clair. Echo Point Hut (sleeps four) is located about 4.66 mi / 7.5 km from Narcissus Hut.

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