Bronte Lagoon Fishing!

Updated: Apr 8

When it comes to fly fishing, the lakes and lagoons of Tasmania are of the best in the world!

View the live webcam for Bronte Lagoon here care of The Anglers Alliance Tasmania Inc. (AAT)

Getting There Bronte Lagoon is approximately 2 hours drive north west of Hobart via the A10. and just a few minutes drive from Bronte Park Village.

Background The Bronte system consists of four main waters, Bronte Lagoon, Bradys Lake, Lake Binney and Tungatinah Lagoon. These four waters were created between 1952-56 as storages to supply the near-by Tungatinah power station on the Nive River. Bronte Lagoon has developed as anexcellent fishery rewarding fly and lure anglers with well conditioned trout

Recreational Fishery Management Bronte Lagoon is managed by the Inland Fisheries Service as a wild trout fishery. Natural recruitment of brown trout and rainbow trout maintains the quality of the angling.

Angling Notes Bronte Lagoon is reserved for the use of artificial lures and fly-fishing. Trolling and spin fishing with cobra style lures is very popular. There are good opportunities for polaroiding, with tailing fish both early in the morning and in the evening a highlight at Bronte Lagoon. Good hatches of duns and beetles provide sport for the fly fisher during the summer months.

Angling Regulations To fish in any open public inland water in Tasmania you must hold a current Inland Angling Licence unless you are under 14 years of age.A summary of the regulations are contained within the Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fishing Code.

Species Brown trout, Rainbow trout Minimum size 300 mm Bag limit 12* * Total daily bag limit of 12 is for both fish species combined.

Season Fly fishing Artificial luresFrom the first Saturday in August to the Sunday nearest the 30th April.

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